N O T I C E : I am sick and tired of battling the unethical "font archive" web sites that distribute my fonts against my wishes. Some a**holes, like "dafont.com", don't even reply to my emails asking them to remove my fonts from their site and their web hosts do not take any action against these copyright infringers. Therefore, I can no longer see wasting my money to pay web hosting fees and my website will cease to exist in March of 2016, when the domain name is up for renewal. Thank you to all who have used my fonts and provided me with samples of their use.
Effective 11/27/2014, all GreyWolf WebWorks free fonts no longer require my permission for personal or commercial use. Emails requesting permission for font use will go unanswered and the greywolf email address will eventually be disconnected. I apologize, but I just have too many other activities in life to concern myself with fonts any more. Peace, love and happiness to you all.
Dad [1921-2004] and Mom [1920-2011]: I miss you both.
Brother Bill [1955-2009]: Shine On You Crazy Diamond.