Effective immediately, all GreyWolf WebWorks free fonts available for download from
this site no longer require my written permission for personal or commercial use.
1) I will update the text files included in each font's zip file on this site as quickly as I can to reflect this change in policy, given my other commitments.
2) If you downloaded one of my fonts from one of the various "font archive" sites on the internet, the usage terms in the text file that came with it might indicate that you need to get my permission for commercial use. That will be because the site from which you downloaded the font does not keep current with font creators to assure that the contact and usage information with their copies of the fonts are current. They simply, for some reason unknown to me, just want to engage in giving away other people's fonts with or without their permission.
3) Life, at times, throws us challenges, both expected and unexpected. Enough of these challenges have been thrown my way in the past few years that I can no longer devote the time I would like, or should devote, to such endeavors as creating fonts and answering font mail. Therefore, I may or may not create any additional fonts in the months or years ahead. And although I will try to answer emails, I cannot guarantee that it will be in a timely manner.
4) I have enjoyed creating and giving away my fonts. If you have enjoyed collecting or using my fonts half as much as I have enjoyed creating them...
...then I've had twice as much fun as you've had!
EXCEPTION: My fonts may NOT be made available for download from any "font archive" web site or offered for sale in any manner!
Regarding commercial use of my fonts: Although I have never charged anyone a penny for commercial use of one of my fonts, I would still like to know how they have been commercially used. So, if it is not asking too much, I would appreciate a sample of how you used my font, if you do so commercially. If that is too costly in your particular situation, I understand. But if it is not something of an extremely costly nature, I would love to add your sample to my collection. If you have any questions regarding this request, please email me and I will respond as I have time.
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