After 8 long years of struggling to get my font program to work on the Windows XP o/s, I am finally back to making free fonts.
Don't even mention Windows Vista or 7!!
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02/29/2012:   Released my new font "Venomous". It is based upon the GT500 lettering in the side tape stripe on my 2012 Ford Shelby Cobra Mustang GT500.

03/03/2012:   Released my new font "Plain & Simple". The name says it all. Nothing fancy here. Nice and easy on the eyes.

03/06/2012:   Released my new fonts "Plain & Simply Fat" and "Plain & Simply Skinny", the expanded and condensed versions of last week's release, "Plain & Simple".
I still plan to make a font dedicated to my little brother, Taxi Bill, who lost a brief but agonizing battle with cancer on September 24, 2009.
But it's going to take me a while, as it needs to be every bit the "work of art" that he was.  There can be only one Taxi Bill.  Miss ya, BroB.